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Giving Our Communities the Seeds to Rise

Nutrition Optimization for those who need it most

In the same way that athletic teams function as small communities with similar environmental and physical activity stressors as well as access to similar foods – at the other end of the spectrum, communities in developing countries mirror common parameters of stress and food access. Rise Nutrition uses the profits from software sales to athletic teams to fund impact projects which use the same software for nutrition analysis.

Rise Nutrition evaluates nutrient deficiencies on a population level to establish a link between deficiencies and the food access limitations that are the root cause. From this we help design nutrition, agriculture, educational, or infrastructure interventions to address the issues that have been identified. Rise works as a partner organization to equip existing missions, ministries, and global development organizations with the tools and research to better meet the needs of their people. If you or your organization is interested in working with us or learning more about how our services could compliment your work please contact us.

For example, Rise Nutrition has been working with a development organization in Bajo Lempa, El Salvador since 2017. Through partner organizations, we have worked with five rural communities that were resettled after internal displacement during the country’s civil war. Using the same tools given to our athletes and teams, our team was able to determine nutrition deficiencies in members of these different communities, and using our trademarked Ideal Nutrition Construct, were able to provide nutritional improvement through shipments of seeds & farming equipment, hands-on farming & sustainability programs taught by our team, and creation of medical clinics to assist those individuals who lacked access to a doctor or medicine.

A Global Community

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From the East Coast, West Coast, El Salvador, or to Edinburgh, Rise Nutrition has partners & projects around the globe, targeting both athletic performance and nutrition deficiencies.

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