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The Rise Nutrition Ecosystem

Check out our list of tools and applications to help your coaches, physicians, dietitians, & athletes.
The Ideal Nutrition Construct
Our home-grown, research-proven algorithms & data models built into the core of our systems to fuel performance and livelihood optimize diet & lifestyle choices.
Mobile Management for Athletes
Give the power of Rise Nutrition in the hands of your athletes, through our competitive mobile app, which incentivizes athletes to enter data, work toward goals, and brush up on basic nutrition.
Metrics Dashboard for Coaches & Medical Staff
Our customizable dashboard lets you easily track team & athlete goals, metrics, and trends in a way that works for you, on an individual, positional, or team level.
Position Specific Dietary Analysis

Cater to an athlete, whether they throw, run, kick, or swim; each is fueled differently.

Continuous Monitoring

Compare the habits, energy expenditure, & performance of athletes: week to week, day to day, or meal to meal.

Food Access Awareness

Synchronization with potential food sources around athletes, such as food halls & cafeterias.

Point-in-Time Nutrition Data

Individually record, monitor, and track micro-nutrient breakdowns & identify deficiencies in real time.


The Ideal Nutrition Construct

The algorithms, models, and data analysis to elevate your team to the next level. Let Rise fuel your team's performance.
  • Allows teams to serve more athletes, and provides a resource to programs with few or no nutrition support staff.
  • INC analysis allows you to make informed decisions based on athlete and team data trends.
  • All INC models and datasets are designed and validated by nutrition professionals using the latest evidence-based research.
  • Whether you are a Division I, II, or III team there is a version of INC designed to meet NCAA compliance.

    Dynamic Athlete App

    Rise Nutrition's mobile app for athletes incentivizes athletes to enter data, work toward goals, and brush up on basic nutrition. Rise makes sure they never miss a beat.
  • Meal and calorie tracking, integrating with popular apps and food sources.
  • 'Game-ified' diet tracking, pushing athletes with goals & rewards.
  • Individualized data & goals set based on the athlete's sport, position, & status.
  • Simple, straightforward design makes it easy for athletes to use Rise features.

    Metrics & Trends Dashboard

    Keep track of what's happening with your data, change permissions, and run reports against your data anywhere in the world.
  • Athlete aggregation & data on the individual, position, and team level.
  • Customized dashboard & widgets to fit your team and your needs.
  • Distribute goals, rewards, and notifications to all players based on criteria.
  • Work with our technical team to design & build the latest features for your team.
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