More Than Just a Business

Starting with a desire to serve, a love for nutrition, and a passion for data, Rise Nutrition grew from the goal to be more in life than just average.

On a service trip with Younglife Ministries to Montecristo, El Salvador, three friends saw that the power of love and hardwork could transform a community into something greater and better than what anyone could imagine. At the same time though, they saw that many of the people of Montecristo were malnurished, due to a lack of certain nutritients in their food. This prompted a reaction.

On a subsequent trip, these friends helped the community to load in, via fishing boats, enough dirt and seeds to provide every household a small vegetable garden that would fill in the gaps of missing vitamins and nutritients to the island's people. From these trips, the idea of Rise Nutrition was born.

Known then only as The Dream, the idea was simple; to provide communities around the world access to resources and a healthy lifestyle that they could not get themselves. Through both direct intervention and partnering with other non-profit organizations, Rise Nutrition's mission is to provide every region in the world a stable and healthy diet that will allow the communities there to Rise Above the Rest.

To fund this outreach organization, Rise Nutrition provides professional, college, and high school teams the same information, data collection, and algorithms to develop and maintain the healthiest diet and exercise regimens possible.

Developed by Data Scientists, approved by Nutritionists and Personal Trainers, and maintained by a devoted team of Dreamers, Rise Nutrition is there to make sure you, your team, and your community can be as strong and healthy as possible.

Celebrating the start of Rise Nutrition

Meet Your Teammates


Competitive Edge

Sports are all about the competition, and we need to be a step ahead of the competition to win. Rise Nutrition is there to give the edge over others.


Data Driven

Our data expertise comes from some of the top schools and companies around the world. We run towards complex problems, and we know how to solve them.


Down to Earth

We understand our users, their problems, and the solutions they want. We don't overcomplicate, and we cut right to the point. Rise Nutrition is there for you.