The widening gap of nutrition health outcomes is seldom addressed in the academic and scientific communities. While global food production per capita is sufficient to meet the requirements of all people, 800 million people are food insecure and 2 billion experience micronutrient deficiencies.
Sassi, 2018

Core Technology

Rise Nutrition’s core technology is uniquely designed around four key aspects of nutrition health recognized by experts in the global health field:

  • Food availability in the environment
  • Social determinants of food access
  • Utilization of those food sources
  • The habits, preferences, and activities of both individual and common groups

At Rise Nutrition we believe that food is one of the most basic forms of justice and all people have the right to healthy, culturally-appropriate food that provides sufficient nourishment. Programs and products serve people best when they are designed by listening to beneficiaries and supporting their capacity. Often, traditional metrics are applied at the national or regional population level, and therefore don’t adequately measure the real food and nutrition experience of communities.

Rise Nutrition differentiates as innovators by leveraging mathematics and data science to understand food security parameters at the individual community level. Rise Nutrition’s products, programs, and interventions are born from this people-first mentality. Using a beneficiary representative design, Rise Nutrition provides resources to local leaders to help them better understand the nutrition needs of their communities and accompany them in developing actionable steps for designing appropriate interventions that address deficiencies in their community.




Our research-based intervention design utilizes four key steps


Identify structural causes

Examine the analysis done from data collection in the local context


Beneficiaries direct action

Deeper understanding qualitative experiences related to food insecurity


Design is framed and decided in community context

Agency is given to the community to act in ways the deem valuable


Data and research used as checks

Used to constructively guide community response and offer viable resources

Rise works as a partner organization to equip existing missions, ministries, and global development organizations with the tools and research to better meet the needs of their people. We work alongside community leaders and advocates to find solutions that are local and community driven, allowing communities to define their own food and agriculture systems. Rise Nutrition accompanies community leaders and ministers to develop multidisciplinary interventions that incorporate these solutions and meet the nutrition needs of their people.

Ongoing Projects

Latest Involvement
in El Salvador

  • Vitamin A & C Deficiency in Monte Cristo
  • Folic acid in the diet
  • Chipilin case study
  • School nutrition program in Rancho Grande
  • Exploring crop varieties for increased calorie density
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