We at Rise Nutrition are excited to announce that we are semi-finalists in the Converge Impact Challenge!

We at Rise Nutrition are excited to announce that we are semi-finalists in the Converge Impact Challenge! The Impact Challenge is a business competition specifically aimed at academic entrepreneurs and their start-ups who are aiming to make a difference in the world.

The Impact Challenge is for innovative, new projects with a social or environmental mission at their core.
– Converge Challenge Website

The Impact Challenge is one competition out of the four Converge Challenges, which are some of the toughest academic business competitions in Scotland. Check out their promotional video below for more information!

Rise Nutrition was started with the goal of making a difference both on and off the field, and this is a big step towards our dreams becoming a reality! Thanks for all the support we’ve received so far, and here’s to everything more we’ll accomplish in the future! 🎉